Miles thinks McLaren is coming to IndyCar in 2020

Mark Miles prays for McLaren to come to IndyCar
Mark Miles prays for McLaren to come to IndyCar fulltime

IndyCar President and CEO Mark Miles reportedly believes the odds of a full-time McLaren entry for the 2020 season are strong, whether or not star driver Fernando Alonso is on board.

Sports Business Journal writer Adam Stern quoted the executive's statement on the matter in a tweet on Monday.

"They're continuing to work on [a full-time team] for '20. […] I think it's likely they'll have a full-time team in '20, with or without him," Miles was quoted as saying in regard to McLaren and Alonso, who gave up his shot at Formula 1's 2017 Monaco Grand Prix to race the 2017 Indianapolis 500. "We are quite hopeful that Fernando will run the 500 [in '19], and that's a big deal."

But why would they come in 2020 when new engines, and perhaps new cars are coming in 2021? Why make an investment for one year and then throw everything away? Logic would dictate they would wait until 2021.

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