Was the fix in?

UPDATE Mordichai writes again, Dear AR1.com, After losing my dinner yesterday due to the transparency of NASCAR's managed racing at Atlanta, I woke up this morning and read that the NASCAR truck series raced in Iowa for the first time last night and Mike Skinner won the pole and race sponsored by who? You guessed it, Toyota of Des Moines, Iowa. Well how very convenient. Great way to make a new sponsor happy. Like I said, everything happens in NASCAR fro a reason. Now I am going to lose my breakfast too. Mordichai Rosen, LA, California.

Dear Mordichai, you had better stop reading about NASCAR as apparently it is very bad for your health. NASCAR fix qualifying or a race? No, it is by the grace of God that these most convenient things happen every weekend. Mark C.

09/05/09 A reader writes, Dear AR1. com, is it just me or is every NASCAR qualifying grid computer generated, predetermined by someone in NASCAR before the cars even hit the track? It's so transparent I could puke. It happens just about every week. Take for example today at Atlanta. Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins the pole for the Degree V12 sponsored Nationwide race and guess who was sponsoring Earnhardt? You guessed it, Degree V12. Nice publicity for the sponsor. Earnhardt hasn't won a pole since 2004. How convenient he won one today.

Then there is Cup qualifying, and Martin Truex Jr. wins the pole with Guitar Hero as his sponsor. Nice publicity for Guitar hero, whoever the heck that is. Was it enough to convince them to do more sponsorship? How can any one with a half a brain watch NASCAR and not realize that "everything happens in NASCAR for a reason." It is so disgusting I just lost my dinner. Mordichai Rosen, LA California

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