Cars per Nationwide team may be restricted

The new Nationwide Series model could be a limited edition. Vice president of competition Robin Pemberton says NASCAR is exploring a car limit for its next-generation car, which will be phased in next season before a full-time rollout in 2011.

During a meeting with Nationwide teams Tuesday in Concord, N.C., Pemberton said some teams asked NASCAR to consider capping the number of cars that each team can have certified.
"It's gaining momentum to limit a team to maybe eight cars," said Pemberton, who added that NASCAR easily can monitor teams' chassis with microchip tracking devices.

The move could be a cost-saving measure for Nationwide teams, which must absorb the expense of overhauling their cars during a time when sponsorship is scarce. Pemberton said NASCAR also is considering incorporating tests into race weekends to minimize travel costs.

[Editor's Note: Why would NASCAR not have this same rule for Spring Cup teams?]

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