MotoGP set to cut engine costs

MotoGP manufacturers to set to offer greatly reduced engine prices to potential new chassis manufacturers to head off Dorna’s suggestion that 1000cc production bike engines should be allowed to join the field.

With the MotoGP grid down to 17 bikes after the departure of the Hernando Ducati squad, Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta suggested the option of permitting 1000cc production engines as well. This led to fears of a class division within MotoGP and potential confusion with World Superbike engines racing MotoGP prototypes in the same race.

AUTOSPORT reports that the Motorcycle Sport Manufacturers Association is set to instead propose a price reduction of up to 75 percent on engine supplies for chassis manufacturers interested in entering MotoGP. The plan will be officially presented to Dorna at the Indianapolis Grand Prix at the end of August.

It is believed that Dorna floated the 1000cc engine idea to spur MotoGP into taking action over the shrinking entry. World Superbike promoter Infront Motor Sports issued a statement this morning indicating that it would strongly oppose any suggestion of the MotoGP rules encroaching on its own technical package.

“Infront Motor Sports does not consider a similar idea either to be realistic or feasible in view of the existing contracts between the FIM and Infront Motor Sports itself and in view of the specific characteristics of the World Superbike and MotoGP championships," said the statement.

“We believe therefore that such a project will not have any follow-up. Nevertheless, wherever future developments should render necessary any action of defense of the rights of Infront Motor Sports, as well as those of all the teams, manufacturers, riders, sponsors and media who have invested in the Superbike and Supersport World Championships, such action will be immediately set in motion at all levels." More at

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