Final Weekend TV Ratings (Update)

NBCSN delivers IndyCar another body blow
NBCSN delivers IndyCar another body blow

UPDATE We had an error in our table below. Last year's IndyCar race from Iowa had a 0.37 final rating, and we typed 0.31 by mistake. So the rating was down 16.2% from last year, which is in line what IndyCar has been getting all year, especially on NBCSN where ratings have plummeted.

And to think, this is the new home of IndyCar. Will there be a series left once NBCSN gets done with them?

07/10/18 F1 was up big on ESPN. Of course we all know the NBC cable channels get horrible ratings and that ratings on ESPN would bury them. Kudos to F1 for being smart enough to make the switch. And their rating buried IndyCar (on NBCSN) despite being on early Sunday morning when the west coast is still in bed.

As for NASCAR, despite all the hoopla, it looks like Dale Jr. can't stop NASCAR's annual double digit decline

Net Event Location Day Total
% Chg.
NBC NASCAR Cup Race (L) Daytona Sat 4,437,000 1,031,000 2.72 3.4 -20%
ESPN F1 Race (L) Silverstone Sun 620,000 224,000 0.42 0.27* +55%
NBCSN IndyCar Race (L) Iowa Sun 452,000 78,000 0.31 0.37 -16.2%
FS1 NHRA Finals (L) Norwalk Sun 374,000 55,000 0.26 0.65 -60%

*NBCSN – Notoriously Bad Cable Sports Network (The new home of IndyCar)

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