Silverstone, Formula 1 Still Far Apart In British GP Negotiations

Lewis Hamilton dominates Silverstone
Lewis Hamilton dominates Silverstone

British Racing Drivers' Club Chair John Grant said that Silverstone and Formula 1 are still "some ways apart" in negotiations to secure the future of the British Grand Prix, according to Andrew Benson of the BBC.

Grant in a letter to BDRC members said that he is "hopeful" a deal can be agreed. But he warned that "as things stand, 2019 could be the last British GP at Silverstone — or indeed anywhere."

Silverstone's contract to host the race "ends after next year's event." The track had a contract until '27 but last year "exercised a break clause that enabled it to exit the contract" after the '19 race because Silverstone said that it was "becoming unaffordable."

Liberty Media said that it wants to "keep the historic races" which it considers to be "vital for the health and future of the sport" BBC

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