The Gods give Aston Martin weight break for LeMans

God giveth, and God taketh away
God giveth, and God taketh away

Aston Martin has been given a weight break and extra turbo boost in class-wide GTE-Pro Balance of Performance adjustments on the eve of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The pair of new-generation Vantage GTEs will run 10kg lighter than they did in qualifying, in which the British manufacturer’s quickest car ran five seconds off the pace.

They have also been given a higher turbo boost ratio, which marks the second such adjustment for the Astons in race week.

Aston Martin Racing had previously hinted at a reassessment of the BoP after both its cars struggled for pace at the pre-event Test Day.

An updated version was released on Tuesday before qualifying, although the Vantages continued to run at the bottom of the class order, as Porsche led the times ahead of Ford and Ferrari.

All cars except the Ferrari 488 GTE Evo have been affected by weight adjustments in the post-qualifying measure, while no other boost revisions have been made.

The BMW M8 GTE, which along with the Aston is set to make its Le Mans debut this weekend, has also been granted a 10kg break.

Porsche’s 911 RSR, which locked out the front-row in qualifying with a record-breaking lap, meanwhile, has been handed a 10kg weight increase, with 8kgs added to the quartet of Chip Ganassi-run Ford GTs.

The two Corvette C7.Rs will run 5kg lighter, with the only adjustment on the Ferrari being a 1-liter increase in fuel capacity.

The FIA has also restricted GTE-Pro cars to complete no more than 13 laps in the final stint.

In the race, cars are confined to maximum 14-lap stints, except in the case of a mandated 11-lap opening stint.

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