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(An AR1 reader with intimate knowledge of the race track business chimed in regarding Liberty Media's track resurfacing idea. We agree with the reader, and believe that F1 should take a page from IndyCar's book by reducing downforce on its cars in order to improve the quality of the show. Furthermore, this note is another indication of how an implicit expectation exists in the industry to simply pass the costs of mistakes made by sanctioning bodies along to the tracks — Brian C.)

Dear AR1:

This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard and shows the arrogance of the F1 world and it’s complete disassociation from the real world of the rest of racing.

F1 tracks are already less than appropriate for the vast majority of race cars, with their slow turns, sharp corners and heavy braking zones. Now they want all the other track users to spend thousands more on tires just to suit the whims of twenty cars one weekend a year.

Tire wear and their cost is already a major factor in reducing the number of non- professional racers (already $7000 a weekend for a Porsche GT3 weekend) while the cost of applying rough surfaces to Grand Prix tracks, then resurfacing them for top end motorcycles, then resurfacing them again for the next GP is simply stupid, when tracks are already losing millions.

Name withheld by request

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