Valencia F1 under threat

The EU has admitted a complaint from the ecologist group, Fórmula Verda

There are problems for the Formula One race which is planned for the first time next season on a new urban circuit in Valencia port.

The European Union has admitted a complaint from the Valencia ecologist group, Fórmula Verda which has demanded that the construction of the new track not go ahead without a previous environmental impact report.

Opposition has come also from the Ecologistes en Acció group. Spokesman Luis Cerillo said that the complaint to the EU was based on the lack of an environmental study, the modification of the City Hall of the Strategic Plan for Valencia, and the lack of public notices regarding the tenders to carry out the work. He claimed that an environmental study has not been carried out because it would clear come back negative.

Residents in the Nazaret area fear that the work to create the track could cause the flooding of their homes, given that the flow of the Turia river has already been affected by large mountains of earth from the construction. TypicallySpanish

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