F1 raises fuel allowance for 2019

FIA President Jean Todt
FIA President Jean Todt

The FIA has confirmed rule tweaks for next year’s technical regulations, following Tuesday’s meeting of the Strategy Group in Paris.

Formula 1’s Strategy Group met with the championship’s CEO Chase Carey and FIA President Jean Todt, with the post-2020 engine regulations also on the agenda.

It was agreed that from 2019 the fuel allowance for each car in race trim will be raised again from 105kg to 110kg, enabling drivers to use full power at all time, and alleviating the requirement to save fuel.

The limit was raised from 100kg to 105kg for 2017, coinciding with the introduction of faster cars that led to higher fuel consumption.

The weight of the car will be separated from that of the driver – a move that will aid taller drivers currently penalized by tight weight restrictions – while biometric gloves will be mandatory.

Discussions are ongoing regarding proposals relating to aerodynamics, as teams evaluate the possibility of changes in order to reduce the impact of dirty air, thus enhancing the racing.

A final decision is likely to be taken by the end of the month, once the current search being undertaken by the FIA – in consultation with teams – has been concluded.

The FIA has also confirmed an end-of-May deadline for forming the 2021 engine regulations and has again outlined its proposals, which remain subject to debate.

The statement released on Tuesday revealed only limited details of its current proposals, that the power unit will be a 1.6-liter V6 turbo hybrid, with no MGU-H.

The FIA’s Technical Department will meet with current and potential power unit manufacturers to discuss its proposals in more detail.

It is hoped that it will reach a finalized proposal by the end of next month.

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