Australian GP TV Rating (Update)

UPDATE The race was rebroadcast twice, not once on ESPNews – at 1 PM ET and 9 PM ET. These are prime viewing times and likely added 100 or 200 thousand additional viewers to ESPN's numbers, putting the total over 1/2-million USA viewers.

Sunday, March 25 Location TV Times Network
Formula 1 – On the Grid Melbourne 12:30am-1:00am ESPN2
Formula 1 – Race Melbourne 1:00am -3:00am (L), ESPN2
Formula 1 – Race Melbourne 11:00am -1:00am (R), ESPN2
Formula 1 – Race Melbourne 1:00pm -3:00pm (R), ESPNews
Formula 1 – Race Melbourne 9:00pm -11:00pm (R), ESPNews

03/27/18 ESPN2 drew a smaller live audience, but a larger replay audience to rack up a 7.9% increase in total viewers over 2017 for the Australian GP Sunday. The ESPN2 numbers are actually higher because there was another replay Sunday on ESPNews but that channel is not rated so we have no data. The lower live numbers on ESPN2 may have been impacted by their technical glitches that pissed off viewers who in turned switched off the TV.

Network Day Live Replay Total Viewers
ESPN2 2018 Sun 168,459 1am 212,878 11am 381,334
NBCSN 2017 Sun 237,903 1am 115,363 353,266

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