Customers won’t buy a Butt Ugly car (Update)

UPDATE A reader writes, Dear, If you think they ruined the Accord, you should see the Honda Clarity Plug-in hybrid. My 10-year could design a better looking car. Whoever is running the Honda design studio these days needs to find another career. Dave Steele

They ruined the front look of the 2018 car. Less people will buy it.
They ruined the front look of the 2018 car and the roof line in the side view. Less people will buy it.

03/12/18 The all-new 2018 Honda Accord is a significant improvement over the already good previous model. It won the North American Car of the Year Award. Yet sales are down significantly month-to-month over last year since the new Accord became available last fall, according to GoodCarBadCar.

Part of this can be attributed to the general market shift away from sedans and toward crossovers and SUVs. But the Accord's closest competitor, the Toyota Camry, was also redesigned for 2018, and unlike the Accord its sales have increased. Something else must be at work here.

As great a car as the Accord is, our first impression of the front fascia and rear roof line on the 2018 model was, "why did they have to ruin a good thing?"

Honda is learning that not as many people want to be seen in a car they don't view as beautiful and their design studio needs to go back to the drawing board.

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