Liberty focused on ‘doing right’ by fans claims Sean Bratches

Sean Bratches
Sean Bratches

Formula 1's commercial boss Sean Bratches believes Liberty Media is focused on doing what is right for the fans in order to improve the current climate within the series.

After dealing with contentious issues such as a changing the F1 logo and the removal of grid girls, Bratches has been quick to point out there will always be a difference of opinion between different factions when it comes to making the improvements in F1 which Liberty wants to achieve.

Speaking at a recent Renault event Bratches said: "I think everyone understands where we want to take it but not everyone agrees."

"We're trying to work on compromises that improve the competitive nature of the sport. If we don’t have a competitive grid the fans are going to leave the sport. We are focused on doing what is right for the fans."

With plenty of discussions set to take place this year about how the sport will look beyond 2020 due to the expiration of both the sporting and technical regulations, Liberty wants to create a much more competitive series in order create a bigger spectacle for everyone to enjoy and make room for the opportunity of a 'Leicester City' moment happening F1.

He added: "If you look at the Premier League and teams like Swansea City their fans probably know they won’t win the league but when they go to a game against Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham or Liverpool they know they can win and it happens.

"We’re not here to please people. We’re here to make this sport as great as it can possibly can be. That is our pursuit.

"We are trying to be malleable in the boundaries of something that ultimately works. We don’t want to perpetuate the norm because otherwise you won’t have a sport."

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