What about Philly?

UPDATE Chris Economaki reports that Floridian Lee McDonald, a tireless supporter of the Philadelphia Champ Car street race project, continues in that vein and is now seeking help in prodding city authorities to grant approval.

11/29/05 A reader asks, Dear AutoRacing1.com, Amidst the happiness of seeing Champ Car back at Road America, I am concerned about the chances of a Philadelphia race happening now. I was anticipating hearing news of a September 2006 race down the Ben Franklin Parkway, but the RA press release says no new races in 2006. Was Gerry Forsythe wrong when he said this one is still out there? More good news–please! Tim Howell- 90 minutes from Philly

Dear Tim, It's getting too late to do a race in Philadelphia in 2006. It's either going to happen in 2007 or it is not. As with any major city, the red tape slows the process down and in many cases eventually kills a project. Champ Car is still hopeful they can get it done. Mark C.

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