Peugeot to announce LMP1 diesel

UPDATE #4 Drivers rumored to be after one of the four seats (six for LeMans) in the 2-car Peugeot team include Olivier Panis, Stephane Sarrazin, Nicolas Minassian, Emanuele Collard, Johnny Herbert, Jean Alesi, Jamie Campbell-Walter, Guy Smith, David Brabham, Oliver Gavin, Julian Briche, Didier Andre, Erik Comas, Christophe Bouchet and Xavier Pompidou.

06/15/06 This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' with today's announcement by Peugeot – see Hot News page.

06/15/06 There has been much talk around the paddock at Le Mans over a few much-anticipated announcements coming in the next few days. One we hear is that Peugeot will be formally launching their Le Mans 2007 assault on Friday which, as previously announced, will be a diesel entry.

03/21/06 While Peugeot has yet to announce an ALMS entry, Peugeot Sport actually announced an LMES entry at Le Mans on June 14th, of last year:

"Peugeot will enter sportscar endurance racing in 2007 as a competitor in the Le Mans Endurance Series with the eye on winning the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans."

With their technology department and their long-standing idea of taking on challenges, Peugeot will not disappoint their many customers and fans. Their entry will be an HDi diesel-powered car equipped with a diesel particulate filter system (DPFS).

"This is an extremely stimulating new challenge and I am convinced it will generate considerable interest throughout our staff and across our sales networks," commented Frederic Saint-Geours, Managing Director of Automobiles Peugeot.

"I hope this ambitious yet completely achievable project will provide us with a fresh opportunity to demonstrate our ability to win," Saint-Geours continued.

"The development work will include the other arm at PSA, Citroen's Engineering Department. Peugeot Sport will oversee the chassis while Citroen will be responsible for the engine. The current plan is to develop and test the new sportscar before the 2006 calendar year comes to an end.

"The first real test — an LMES race — will happen in 2007."

Peugeot vs. Audi at Le Mans. A tough one to call, that. Both produce among the best diesel engines in road cars, so there is no lack of expertise there.

03/21/06 Rumor has it that Peugeot will announce a diesel powered LMP1 entry into ALMS and LMES to go up against the Audi diesel. Meanwhile Porsche is contemplating moving up to LMP1, though it may do so with a gasoline powered car rather than diesel.

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