Pirelli announces 2018 compound choices for first 3 races

2018 tires
2018 tires

Formula 1 tire supplier Pirelli has confirmed the compounds that will be used at the opening three Grands Prix of the 2018 season.

The Ultra Soft, Super Soft and Soft will be taken to Australia's Albert Park, while the Super Soft, Soft and Medium will be utilized in Bahrain.

Meanwhile, for China, Pirelli has nominated the Ultra Soft, Soft and Medium, missing out the Super Soft, thus meaning the softest compound is two steps softer than the next option.

As per 2017, one set of the softest available compound at each Grand Prix must be set aside for use only in Q3, while one set of the two harder alternatives must be run for one stint of the race.

Drivers will have 13 sets of tires available for each Grand Prix weekend, and are permitted free choice – from the three nominated compounds – for 10 of the sets.

Pirelli's 2018 compound choices to-date:

Australia Ultra Soft Super Soft Soft
Bahrain Super Soft Soft Medium
China Ultra Soft Soft Medium

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