New 2-car IRL team in works

Question: What is your take and what do you know about Yellow Ribbon Racing? (Matt from Decatur, Ind.)

Answer: I still have seen nothing that shows me legitimacy. OK, so there is a group of individuals interested in forming an IRL team, but to my knowledge they have no sponsorship, no equipment, no shop, no drivers, no employees and no chance of being ready to compete anytime soon. If they're farther along on any of these points, they need to contact me (or the IRL office) with proof. Curt Cavin, Indy Star

01/28/06 This rumor is upgraded to 'fact' today. See announcement on our Hot News page.

01/17/06 Yellow Ribbon Racing plans to field two cars in the upcoming 2006 IRL season. The livery on these cars will represent the four major branches of our Armed Services. This team will represent the first ever, non-profit professional sports team in history. Its purpose is to show our Troops the support that they undoubtedly deserve. For more see their website. [Editor's Note: Wonder who is paying for this team – the Hulman George Foundation? They are asking for donations. Oh my.]

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