Bernie wants to axe grands prix in Italy, Germany

According to reports this week, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone keenly supports a novel idea to cut one of the two grands prix in Germany out of the calendar.

Nurburgring boss Dr. Walter Kafitz has floated the concept of annually switching between his track and financially embattled Hockenheim.

He told the German 'SID' sports news agency that the idea 'was welcomed' by the 75-year-old grand prix chief.

''It is well known that Bernie wants to organize new races in as many countries as possible,'' Kafitz explained.

Ecclestone, meanwhile, has told the 'Autocourse Annual' that he would indeed like to scrap a race in Germany and Italy — both the scene of two grands prix every season.

''We ought to lose one Italian and one German,'' the Briton said, ''but realistically that would be difficult at the moment and I don't have the balls to put any more (races) in there until that happens.''

Bernie argues that despite Italy and Germany being two big markets for the sport, no-one really benefits from their double F1-dose.

He explained: ''If I say to the teams, 'Would you get another sponsor because we have two races in Italy and Germany?', the answer is probably 'No, one's enough.''

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