35+ car Atlantic grids expected

Q. Steve Johnson (Champ Car President), do you project a size of the Atlantic field for next year, the number of entries?


Q. Upper 30s?

STEVE JOHNSON: Yes. That's anything 35 and above. There's been like 40 plus chassis sold. It depends. You could have anywhere from 30 to that many. That's a good number to shoot for. [Editor's Note: Backup cars are not allowed, so theoretically all 40+ cars can try to qualify – a NASCAR size field.]

12/06/05 "One of the things we're going to have to very carefully monitor in the first few races is track support," Cosworth's Bruce Wood said to ChampCar.ws. "Obviously from the financial perspective there will be very limited track support. Currently we're looking at four people for the whole field, but the size of the field is a lot bigger than when we started. Originally we were planning for a twenty-car field. Now we're expecting thirty-two cars and up to as many as thirty-six. "At all the races we'll have the sixteen people involved in the Champ Car track support program and, depending on schedules, they'll be able to help out on Atlantic. But we will have four dedicated Atlantic people and we'll have to observe at the first few races to see if that's the right number."

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