Herbert eyes possible NASCAR seat

Former Grand Prix driver Johnny Herbert, now involved with the Jordan/Midland F1 operation, is eyeing up a return to serious racing in NASCAR, Autosport-Atlas reveals. Herbert's representatives have been talking to an American group looking to buy an existing NASCAR team and launch a new attack in America's premier racing category in 2006.

The 41-year-old, who drove his last Grand Prix in 2000, told Autosport-Atlas in Istanbul: "It's something that Mark Perkins (formerly of IMG), who helps me out now and again, has been working on for a good few months. Mark's more of a finance man and it's through speaking to his contacts that this started, and it has all just progressed from there.

"The group basically wants to get into NASCAR and I've always been interested but never really known how to get involved, being a non-American. But it's got to the point where, hopefully, in the next month we'll know if it's a go or not."

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