Speed to Williams or Red Bull?

Scott Speed was charged up last weekend at Hockenheim and although the American youngster made some mistakes he still showed his pace and it cannot be long before he wins a race in GP2. The 22-year-old is under contract to Red Bull Racing and to the Red Bull drinks company, which make it rather odd that there were stories last week that he has sneaked into the Williams headquarters at Grove. Perhaps he was there to visit Jonathan Williams, who has an unusual dual role as a member of the iSport team (for which Scott drives in GP2) but keeps an office at Williams F1.

But then again perhaps he was there chatting with Jonathan's dad – Sir Frank Williams – about his hopes and dreams.

The word on the street in Hockenheim is that now that Red Bull has signed up David Coulthard and Tonio Liuzzi for next season, with Christian Klien there to be number three, the Speedster may be going over the side and setting his lifeboat off in the direction of a Williams test drive in 2006.

Having an American onboard in 2007 would do no harm at all with the folk at Lexus, which let us not forget is an American car company. Grandprix.com

Meanwhile, Christian Horner has revealed that American Scott Speed is the lead contender for taking the Friday test role at Red Bull Racing next season. This could mean Liuzzi is looking for a new job.

Christian Horner was talking about the reasons that Red Bull Racing had signed up to an extension of the Concorde agreement citing that whilst F1 does need improving, you know what you are getting whilst the plans of the GPMA were still a little sketchy.

More tellingly he revealed that Scott Speed (currently 3rd in the GP2 Series) is the front runner for the Friday test drive role in 2006. Red Bull are already on record as saying they will not continue the driver swap routine next season. With DC already signed up, this means that if Speed does get the Friday job, either Klien or Liuzzi is out of a job. Based on performances so far this season it looks like Klien would get the drive alongside Coulthard, leaving Liuzzi out in the cold. Sport Network [Editor's Note: Liuzzi dominated F3000 last year like no driver before him. The fact that he is quick is without question, he just did not get enough seat time with Red Bull to prove his worth. After all, he is still very young.]

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