End of Jos’ racing road?

UPDATE A reader asks, Dear AutoRacing1.com, How come Verstappen never got a chance in Champ Car? I remember that he and Bremer were equally impressive in the Sebring test in March. Linda Moseley, Boston, MA Dear Linda, As we understand it, Verstappen could not raise the money. It is too bad for Champ Car who are in desperate need of more 'hero' drivers as we call them, drivers that have a fanatical fan following. This is strictly a chicken and egg scenario. There is no doubt that if Champ Car could have found a way to get Verstappen a ride, his huge fan base in Europe would have driven the TV ratings very high, especially in his native Holland, which would have driven Dutch companies to sponsor him, particularly if he started to get podium or near-podium results.

Although Danica Patrick has become an overnight 'hero' for the IRL, typically it takes a superstar driver years to reach that status, something Champ Car can't afford to wait for. In the interim they are going to have to hire drivers who are already 'heroes' if they ever want to see their TV ratings get much above a 1.0. As we have long said, hero athletes attract eyeballs that make a sport successful. Without heroes you simply exist. Mark C.

07/15/05 F1 veteran Jos Verstappen's racing career appears at an end. The 33-year-old Dutchman steered away from Minardi at the end of 2003 but vowed, this year, to re-join the horse power club in Champ Car. A test here and there, though, did not lead to a drive. Verstappen said his diminishing prospects are mostly about money.

''Without sponsors it is so difficult,'' a translated transcript of Jos' quotes on his personal internet website read. Verstappen remarked: ''I would immediately grab with both hands a good offer, but (for 2005) it is no longer ideal with the season half gone.''

The spare time on his hands, though, led Jos and his son Max – also a talented driver at the wheel – to the kart track. ''He has won five (kart) races in a row,'' the proud Dad grinned. ''He's pretty fast!

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