Champ Car may blow F1 car in weeds soon

Kevin Kalkhoven said progress continues in determining Champ Car's 2007 chassis and engine rules and selecting a manufacturer to build the new cars.

"We are talking to three or four different manufacturers about the '07 car right now," he commented. "Our goal is to make it more maneuverable and lighter while maintaining the safety aspects that are so important, and at the same time preserving things that are classic Champ Car, including the turbo engines. We've looked at normal aspiration, but I personally prefer the turbo. It's also interesting that we potentially have the opportunity to be the fastest racing because F1 is going down in power (to around 750 HP) and has different tire rules. We can go up in power (currently at 750 or 800HP depending on track) and maintain the ability to change tires. We're excited by the opportunity of the '07 car."

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