F1 green lights Halo device for 2018

The Halo it will be
The Halo it will be

The controversial 'halo' cockpit head-protection system will be introduced into Formula 1 in 2018, governing body the FIA has confirmed.

It said the halo "presents the best overall safety performance" after the evaluation of "a large number of devices over the past five years".

The move comes less than a week after a transparent cockpit 'shield' proved unusable at the British Grand Prix.

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel said the device made him dizzy after one lap.

The 'shield' had been prioritized by F1's bosses because of mixed reactions to the 'halo' after extensive testing last year.

The 'halo' was found to be the only device that both successfully passed the test of deflecting a wheel fired at it at 150mph and provided a largely unobstructed view.

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