Champ Car planning Summit hears that Champ Car is inviting all the sales agents working in the series to a two-day business summit at the San Jose GP. Along with being wined and dined (actually lunched), pace car rides, watching the race from a private Champ Car World Series suite, they will meet for two hours on Saturday with "series, team, event and sponsor executives" to discuss sponsorship strategies. We hear that several executives from Champ Car, including Dick Eidswick, and execs from Gulfstream, Bridgestone, the SJGP, and Carl Russo will attend. There will be another lunch with execs from Champ Car again on Sunday. We hear that Champ Car wants to give these agents more tools, insights and additional motivation to sell the series given, 1) many sponsors have pretty much given up on American Open Wheel Racing 2) insist on using last years numbers as a baseline 3) prefer to take a 'wait and see' approach hoping for a possible unification of the IRL and Champ Car. Mark C.

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