Bourdais to attend French GP…..why?

UPDATE We are upgrading this rumor to 'fact.' Make no mistake about it, Bourdais wants a shot at F1. Bourdais believes he has the talent and the experience to become the next leading French Formula One driver. "The people don't look at me the same way since I've left Europe," Bourdais told a news conference ahead of the French Grand Prix on Sunday.

"Everybody knows who I am. My status has changed. I cannot say there's anything concrete right now. I just feel I am in a much better position than before, I became more mature.

"It's my third season in the Champ Car series, which has a very competitive field. When I made it out of F3000, I was not into Renault's motorsport policy. It might have been interesting to be a test driver in 2002, but now I am 26 and I want to fight for titles," he said.

"I know the window is getting smaller and smaller but in the meantime I've never been that close to make the cut."

On the question of driving for French Renault – "Renault does not need a French driver, they just need to win. You do not see an Italian driver in a Ferrari. The world is changing," he said. "If I have to drive another car to get into Formula One, I'll be happy to.

"If we keep saying being a French driver is a disadvantage to be in Formula One, we're never going to make it. We need to be positive. There is a need of a French driver. And today is the day."

06/26/05 The CBS broadcast of today's Champ Car race said that defending Champ Car Champion Sebastien Bourdais will be at the French Grand Prix next weekend, but only as a guest of the French motorsport federation. Other reports suggest he still would like a shot at F1. Since winning the season opener in Champ Car he has not won again, and will need to start winning regularly for an F1 team to pick him up.

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