Vettel NOT disqualified from Baku race results (Update)

Vettel escapes with no further penalty
Vettel escapes with no further penalty

UPDATE Even though the Tribunal Court recommended that Vettel be excluded from the Baku results (see below), the FIA opted NOT to punish Vettel any further for the Baku incident.

Vettel attended the meeting, held at the FIA's Paris headquarters, along with Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene, and reviewed the incident with a select panel, comprising FIA Deputy President for Sport, Graham Stoker, FIA General Secretary for Sport, Peter Bayer, Formula 1 Race Director Charlie Whiting and Formula 1 Deputy Race Director and FIA Safety Director Laurent Mekies.

Vettel, on his 30th birthday, admitted to "full responsibility" and offered his "sincere apologies", and the FIA chose not to take any further action.

"While respecting the stewards' decision, the FIA remained deeply concerned by the wider implications of the incident, firstly through the impact such behavior may have on fans and young competitors worldwide and secondly due to the damage such behavior may cause to the FIA's image and reputation of the sport," read a statement issued by the FIA on Monday, explaining the reasons behind the meeting.

"Following detailed discussion and further examination of video and data evidence related to the incident, Sebastian Vettel admitted full responsibility.

"Sebastian Vettel extended his sincere apologies to the FIA and the wider motorsport family.

"He additionally committed to devote personal time over the next 12 months to educational activities across a variety of FIA championships and events, including in the FIA Formula 2 Championship, the FIA Formula 3 European Championship, at an FIA Formula 4 championship to be defined and at the FIA stewards' seminar.

"Due to this incident, President Jean Todt instructed that no road safety activities should be endorsed by Sebastian Vettel until the end of this year.

"The FIA notes this commitment, the personal apology made by Sebastian Vettel and his pledge to make that apology public. The FIA also notes that Scuderia Ferrari is aligned with the values and objectives of the FIA.

"In light of these developments, FIA President Jean Todt decided that on this occasion the matter should be closed."

However, the statement continued: "In noting the severity of the offense and its potential negative consequences, FIA President Jean Todt made it clear that should there be any repetition of such behavior, the matter would immediately be referred to the FIA International Tribunal for further investigation."

Todt, in his own summary, reminded top drivers of the role they play.

"Top level sport is an intense environment in which tempers can flare," he said.

"However, it is the role of top sportsmen to deal with that pressure calmly and to conduct themselves in a matter that not only respects the regulations of the sport but which befits the elevated status they enjoy.

"Sportsmen must be cognizant of the impact their behavior can have on those who look up to them. They are heroes and role models to millions of fans worldwide and must conduct themselves accordingly."

Vettel will therefore hold onto his 14-point advantage over Hamilton in the championship standings heading into this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring.


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