To unify F1, Mosley may have to go

Paul Stoddart has hailed Bernie Ecclestone as the only man who can stave off a potential defection of teams from the series in 2008 but also warned him to beware the dangers of self-interest.

The teams want Ecclestone to review the manner in which F1 marketing and television income is distributed and the FIA (International Automobile Federation) to cease making quick fire regulation changes without consulting them. Stoddart has become an unofficial spokesman for the rebelling teams that includes BMW, Renault, Mercedes, Honda and Toyota. The Australian businessman says there remains serious unrest among the top manufacturers and admitted a breakaway remains on the cards.

Stoddart said: "The politics of F1 dictate that we're heading towards two Formula Ones if we're not careful. Bernie has always been known as the master broker of deals and I think Bernie is the only one who can unite us but there is also an issue with Max (Mosley) first because Max is politically unacceptable to the manufacturers. That's a statement of fact. We've got five of the greatest car manufacturers in the world who are involved in this sport and they are very unhappy at the current governments within F1. Anyone who doubts the resolve of the five-car manufacturers – BMW, Renault, Mercedes, Honda and Toyota – do so at their peril.

"There's supposed to be a team meeting with Bernie on Friday and hopefully after the battles of Melbourne there will be a frank discussion about where we go from here. Unless the FIA and Ferrari take notice and join us in unity, we're going to end up with the worst possible combination which is two series when the current deal expires at the end of 2007."

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