Indy 500 under red flag

Polesitter Scott Dixon lucky to be alive
Polesitter Scott Dixon lucky to be alive

The Indy 500 is under a red flag on lap 55 of 200 after a scary accident that saw polesitter Scott Dixon's car hit Jay Howard's car that had bounced off the wall exiting Turn 1. Dixon's car flew 30 feet into the air at over 200 mph and landed on top of the inside wall. The impact sheered the transmission off the car and Dixon's head, with no canopy to protect his head, was inches from instant death as his head almost hit the wall.

If the car had the windscreen the series is looking at, it would have done no good. Luckily, very luckily, Dixon walked away uninjured and IndyCar avoided another funeral.

Watch Dixon's head almost hit the wall in the video below.

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