Will Champ Car get F1 star?

With each passing day it appears there is no place for F1 star and former McLaren driver David Coulthard. It's not that he is slow, it's just that all the teams want young drivers who have the best reflexes. With Champ Car in desperate need of more "star power" to bolster its popularity, and with its growing international presence, will they try to make Coulthard an offer to drive in Champ Car? They tried to get Villeneuve two years ago, but he wanted back into F1 where he will drive around as a backmarker with no hope of ever winning a race. Recall our previous arguments that heroes make a sport great and you can't make heroes out of wankers. Champ Car needs more heroes. Although Coulthard in not a "super" hero, he is quite popular worldwide nonetheless. With that said, he will probably take an obscure job as a F1 test driver, which pays more than most Champ Car teams pay to be a regular driver.