These 6 fans won’t be returning to see IndyCar (Update)

Until they remove the wings from IndyCars the oval races will continue to be borefests

UPDATE But the worry is, how do you get anybody who paid for Saturday night's abysmal show to come back in 2018?

"I think the fans deserve a better show than we gave them," said Tony Kanaan. "I hope they give us another chance."

Rookie Ed Jones is good racer doing a damn good job for Dale Coyne, but in his first-ever oval race he managed to keep Dixon, Tony Kanaan and three-fourths of the Team Penske armada behind him for 20 laps – they could not pass him, no matter how hard they tried. Downforce is the enemy of good racing.

Editor's Note: Take the wings off the cars. Go slower, but put on a real race.

04/30/17 A reader writes, Dear, Can you ever to Jay Frye at Indy Car? I attended Phoenix last night — boring — no passing — stupid first turn accident (thanks Aleshin!!). Worst race I have ever attended in 27 years of IndyCar racing.

Attendance will continue to be in the "tank" until they have wild passing and "competition"!! You know it’s a sport — supposed to competitive. Please talk to him — these types of races will absolutely make people stay away in droves! I brought 6 to this borefest; they will not come back with me.

Harvey Pelovsky, Arizona

Dear Harvey, The cars are 100% throttle borefest machines. They need to reduce downforce, increase HP and there will be passing. It was proposed here many times to take the wings off the car altogether. Case in point – the Indy 500 – the car's wings are very small – almost nonexistent – and in fact they run the rear wing at a negative angle. Guess what – the racing is great.

When you remove most of the downforce the cars slide around more and driver talent wins races. You don't break track records with no wings, but they broke the track record at Phoenix and hardly anyone showed up to see the race – so it's clear track records do not draw fans – great racing does. Mark C.

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