COTA MotoGP, MotoAmerica races cancelled

The king of COTA - Marc Marquez
The king of COTA – Marc Marquez

In March, 2020, Circuit of the Americas formally announced that it was postponing the 2020 GP of the Americas MotoGP round until November, 2020. Today, we’re sad to bring you some disappointing but not unexpected news: the 2020 MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas has officially been canceled.

COTA issued the sad news via social media, and said that emails would go out to everyone who had purchased tickets explaining about the next steps. According to that email, anyone who purchased tickets for the rescheduled November 13 through 15, 2020 race weekend will have their purchase automatically rolled over into tickets for the 2021 GP of the Americas.

The COTA organization took this opportunity to announce that the 2021 GP of the Americas is scheduled to take place over the weekend of April 16 through 18, 2021. Anyone who purchased 2020 tickets and is rolling them over will also receive a limited-edition commemorative MotoGP poster when they arrive at the 2021 race. According to COTA, this poster will not be sold at any other time, and is limited strictly to that occasion.

COTA also noted that it will give refunds to those who ask. You’ll need to provide your account ID number prior to the October 1, 2020 deadline to receive a refund, and it may take up to 30 days for that refund to be issued. COTA staff will also be following up with its customers in the coming weeks to discuss their options regarding this race cancellation.

No one knows what November, 2020 will bring in the Austin, Texas area, or anywhere else, for that matter. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the current situation in Texas and elsewhere, this move is not surprising. Assuming the rescheduled 2020 MotoGP season races go according to plan, we U.S. fans will have to content ourselves with watching the action through our computers and TV screens.

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