Red Bull looking into ‘more extreme’ DAS system

Red Bull to implement a different version of Mercedes' DAS
Red Bull to implement a different version of Mercedes' DAS

(GMM) Red Bull is looking into designing a "more extreme solution" now that the FIA has declared Mercedes' innovative DAS steering system fully legal.

In Austria, the energy drink owned team lodged an official protest against the technology, which allows Mercedes' drivers to adjust the 'toe' of the front wheels by pulling and pushing on the steering.

The protest failed, even though team boss Christian Horner told Servus TV that he believes the system is effectively "part of the suspension".

"Ultimately, it serves to warm up the tires," he said.

"The technical delegate was at the hearing in Spielberg," Horner continued. "Now we have clarification."

Indeed, he said Red Bull's designers have been put to work on investigating a similar system for the cars raced by Max Verstappen and Alex Albon this year.

"We are putting a lot of resources into it," said Horner. "Maybe we are looking for a more extreme solution now that we know what is allowed."

Meanwhile, Horner said he is confident the type of failure that caused Verstappen to retire in Austria last weekend will not recur at the Red Bull Ring's second race on Sunday.

"We have looked at all the parts and understand the problem," he said. "Now we need to work it out with Honda but I am confident we will find a solution for all four cars."

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