China could host F1 doubleheader

Lewis Hamilton pits in Shanghai last year
Lewis Hamilton pits in Shanghai last year

Rumor has it that China F1 race organizers have volunteered to host a double-header event later in the 2020 Formula 1 season,

F1 confirmed a schedule for eight races in Europe at the start of the week, although additional races could be added if this phase of the season is extended.

Hockenheim and Imola are the leading contenders for additional European races, but Mugello has also been named as an option by the Automobile Club d’Italia.

Word is that China has joined Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Sochi among the candidates to hold double-headers as F1 works to ensure it hits the 15-race minimum it has targeted to satisfy TV contracts and guarantee revenue.

It is rumored that F1 is willing to offer a half-price race-hosting fee for a second event at venues.

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