F1 should race at tracks like Imola – Kvyat


(GMM) Daniil Kvyat thinks Formula 1 should return to older-style circuits like Imola and Mugello.

The Russian driver got his first taste of the former San Marino GP circuit at Imola recently with a test for Alpha Tauri.

"It was cool to drive there," he is quoted by Russian media as saying in Austria.

"It's great for Formula 1. You really feel the adrenaline rush at a corner like Acqua Minerale. Also Mugello, they are very unusual circuits with fast corners and I think both very good for Formula 1 and the drivers' emotions," Kvyat added.

The problem with some of the newer circuits in Formula 1, he said, is that they are too perfect.

"The circuits are being built to make them the same. The removal of bumps, the curbs, it's all done to make the tracks perfect.

"But I believe this is the wrong path for Formula 1 and for motorsport in general."

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