NASCAR to restart season with no fans

Screwed either way
Screwed either way

Word is that NASCAR has proposed to track Presidents the idea of running some early races after the Covid-19 shutdown with no fans, to get the sport re-started.

It's a case of you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

If you do run with fans before there is a vaccine you run the risk of getting sued if a fan catches Covid-19 at the track and dies.

If you don't run with fans you take a financial bloodbath at the box office.

As for the NASCAR crews – they will need access to a rapid testing plan for those allowed in shops/garages

Four Scenarios

Adam Stern of Sports Business Daily tweets that NASCAR has drawn up at least four potential schedules to get the sport re-started:

1) Eight-week delay (start at Martinsville).
2) 10-week delay (start at Coke 600)
3) 12-week delay (unclear but could be Texas).
4) 15-week delay (Schedule may go into December).

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