Impossible to find one man to replace Bernie Ecclestone

It will take 3 people to do what Ecclestone does
It will take 3 people to do what Ecclestone does

It would be a mistake for Formula 1's owners to replace Bernie Ecclestone with a single boss, according to former Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo.

Whilst Ecclestone has reiterated his desire to remain in control of motorsport's premier series for the foreseeable future, speculation about who will eventually replace him is often discussed.

Di Montezemolo insists it would be a mistake to assume one person can replace the 85-year-old, suggesting it would be wiser for the sport to hire three bosses, each with their own strengths.

"Sooner or later, F1 has to think how to replace Bernie," the Italian told CNN. "It's important to think of a new governance.

"Bernie is a fantastic person. It will be impossible and a mistake to find one man to replace him," he added. "For F1 it is better to have three different but clear owners.

"You need a small group of people, very strong in each department, with someone in charge who knows F1, who has a feeling of what the market needs, of what the fans need."

Meanwhile di Montezemolo backed changes to make the cars quicker, but voiced his concern over the sound of the new V6 hybrid engines.
"F1 has to remain an extreme sport, " he said. "Today the cars are too slow.

"I was totally unhappy when I heard the music of the engine was not as in the past, because every sport has its ingredients. Can you imagine Italy without pasta? You need the music of the engine."

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