Earnhardt, Jr. says drivers want more practice time

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. runs ahead of Carl Edwards at Pocono
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. runs ahead of Carl Edwards at Pocono
Getty Images for NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. finished 2nd Monday at Pocono Raceway. After the race he talked about the team's need for more practice time:

Earnhardt, Jr. "I Don't really know exactly how much better we got it compared to the competition, but we certainly made it more competitive. We just didn't get any practice. The drivers have been asking NASCAR to take away the morning practice and add a little bit to the second one to make that Saturday practice an hour and a half, and we didn't – it was just an hour.

"It takes you a minute to run around this track. You can't get but 13 damned laps in practice. I don't know how you're supposed to figure out what your cars are doing. So we came into this race with no idea. We made a lot of changes last night. We basically put in an old setup that worked in the past, and it started off missing the mark pretty bad, but we worked on it and got it better, and we'll take the points. We've had a rough month, so this is a decent finish for us." Chevy PR

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