Lauda: Hamilton “miscalculation” caused Rosberg crash

Niki Lauda wasn't smiling Sunday
Niki Lauda wasn't smiling Sunday

A "miscalculation" by Lewis Hamilton caused the first-lap collision between the two Mercedes drivers, according to Niki Lauda.

The team's non-executive chairman told the BBC the situation was "very simple for me".

"It was a miscalculation in Lewis's head," said Lauda. "I blame him more than Nico."

"But for the team and for Mercedes it is unacceptable. Lewis was too aggressive to pass him."

"Why should Nico give him room? He was in the lead," Lauda added.

"It is completely unnecessary and for me the disaster is that all Mercedes are out after two corners."

However the team's executive director Toto Wolff declined to blame either driver for the collision.

"I think it is a very difficult situation, a difficult situation to analyze," Wolff told reporters. "There is definitely not a clear cut [view] so I wouldn't want to blame any of them at this stage".

Asked about Lauda's view, Wolff said: "Niki has, from his driver's perspective, an opinion. This is his instincts and it's fair enough that he has this."

"But when you look at all the data and have the discussions with the drivers maybe it's different. As I said, it's a very difficult situation."

The stewards will give a verdict on the collision after the race.

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