Di Grassi: Vettel & Hamilton would have a hard time in Formula E

Lucas Di Grassi
Lucas Di Grassi

Formula E Championship leader Lucas Di Grassi says that he believes the top men in Formula 1 would struggle to immediately adjust to the electric series. Speaking ahead of the inaugural French event, which takes place on the streets of Paris this weekend, Audi Sport Abt driver Lucas Di Grassi told CNN that he believes his former F1 rivals such as Lewis Hamilton & Sebastian Vettel would struggle upon entry into Formula E.

The Audi WEC driver, who was part of the No.8 driver line-up at last weekend’s 6 Hours of Silverstone, spoke of his frustration at being disqualified from his victory at the Mexico ePrix last month due to his car being underweight, before being asked about whether the F1 Champions could make the transition:

"They would have a hard time coming to Formula E… They are fantastic drivers, they are the most talented drivers of our generation and maybe, I would say, almost our lifetime, but if they come to Formula E they would find it hard." Di Grassi said.

Rather than the cars being the issue, he thinks the main problem they would face would be a lack of practice:

"They will have to learn the tracks, because all the tracks are brand-new, they are all city tracks, you cannot practice on the tracks. Because you cannot close Paris and say, 'Okay, I want to practice'. I think I will invite them to come to race, even if it’s just one race, and see how it is. I’m sure they would be tough competition, but they would have a hard time."

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