IndyCar: Saturday afternoon update from Barber

Scott Dixon

As you know, IndyCar made some Friday practice sessions promoter test days when they announced the testing schedule. So they were testing tires yesterday and if you read Dixon's comment, some teams had more tires than others. All teams had to return the test tires today.

Comments from Scott Dixon about Friday's practice sessions:

AR1: What changes did you make today to run better than yesterday?

Dixon: I lot of people ran a lot of tires yesterday. We only ran 2 sets of tires yesterday and other teams ran 4 sets. I think that played into it a little bit. It is really tight so if you miss by a tenth, it's going to cost you a ton. I think today we did a better job of making the car better to drive and a little easier to be more consistent. But it is going to get a lot hotter this afternoon and it will become more difficult to predict what the car will do. So we will have to see.

Lucille Dust reporting from Barber Motorsports Park

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