Penske says IndyCar should offer second-hand car option to boost entry levels

Roger Penske believes the Verizon IndyCar Series needs stability if it is going to increase entry levels after continuous changes in recent years have made it difficult to buy equipment to race.

The Team Penske boss feels it should be easier and cheaper for new teams to buy a used chassis and lease an engine to race an IndyCar Series event, feeling the current model is not what is needed to entice new entrants.

"IndyCar needs to establish stability," said Penske. "I think the option of second-hand equipment is important, whereby a team owner can get into the series by buying a used chassis and can go lease an engine.

"We need to have that. If you have to write a big check to get in, that's gonna hurt [newcomers]. So we've got to keep the cars simple."

Penske also has doubts that the money Honda and Chevrolet have invested in creating aero kits for the series is cost effective, and believes fans would not be able to tell the difference between the two kits.

"Ask Honda and Chevrolet how much they have had to spend on the aero kits, and ask the average fans if they notice the difference between them," said Penske.

"Bring 30 people from the grandstands and ask them which is the Chevrolet and which is the Honda, and I don't think they could tell you."

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