Indy Trading Post Back With Clauson At Indy

Bryan Clauson
Bryan Clauson

The 100th Indianapolis 500 is going to be a landmark event more than a century in the making, and Indy Trading Post is going to be part of it as a returning sponsor of Bryan Clauson and the Jonathan Byrd’s Racing team, as they team up with Dale Coyne Racing for the 2016 edition of the Greatest Spectacle In Racing

Indy Trading Post (, located just south of downtown Indianapolis, is Indy’s #1 source for guns and knives, as well as being Indianapolis’ destination for family shooting sports. In addition to their sale, Indy Trading Post provides a place to learn to learn to handle firearms safely in a relaxed environment, and promotes responsible gun ownership by providing a safe, clean, and family friendly environment staffed by experienced professionals.

Indy Trading Post owner, Bryan Ludlow, offered his thoughts, saying "I've known Jonathan for quite some time and really gotten to know him well over the past few years. His passion for racing is infectious, and getting a chance to be a part of 100th running with the Byrd family, especially knowing their history at Indianapolis and their love for the race, was a fantastic opportunity for Indy Trading Post. There is so much passion in my industry, and that passion really goes hand in hand with the passion for racing that this community shares."

“Bryan and Indy Trading Post have been fantastic supporters of Indy area racing for a long time, from the smallest tracks to the biggest track of them all," said Bryan Clauson, adding “you just can’t beat taking companies that love Indy to Indy, especially when Indy is right there in their name. There’s nothing like an enthusiastic partner, and I know that’s what we have here with Indy Trading Post. It’s good to have them back!"

Jonathan Byrd added to the statements of both Bryan’s: “Bryan and Indy Trading post came on as a last minute sponsor in May of last year, so it’s great to get them on board early this year so that they can get the full Indy experience with Bryan and our team. Not only is Indy Trading Post on board earlier, but they are also on board for the 100th Indianapolis 500 at a level that doubles what they did last year. I think that speaks not only to the power and the lure of Indy, but also speaks to the value of our program and all that we are doing to build this platform for the long term."

Indy Trading Post joins a diverse and growing list of 2016 supporters that includes Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Vantage Hotels, Lexington Hotels, E&K Construction, Dooling Machine, WHMB TV40, Freedom 95 Radio, Reising Radio Partners, (KORN Country 100.3, QMix 107.3, MOJO 102.9), Tilson HR, ZOOMERS RV, VisionAire Jets, Timothy Plan, TownePost Network, JR Billboards, ComedySportz Indianapolis, R.E. Griesemer, the Indy Fuel, B&H Contractors, Ward’s Apparel, and Hopegivers International.

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