Video: How Formula E’s all-electric cars work

There's a wealth of information to be found about the cars of Formula E, if you're looking for it. The FIA's website for the series has done a decent job of making the series accessible, and the leading dedicated publication, Current E, posts all sorts of infographics, car breakdowns, etc.

All of that is great for fans who want to go deep. But understanding how the cars work on a basic level can be tricky if you're new to the series. Luckily, Formula E came up with a really excellent video. Originally aired during the broadcast of last weekend's excellent race in Buenos Aires, the video explains how the battery, inverter, the motor, and the transmission all work together. It also sheds some light on where the teams are free to innovate, as well as where they're limited.

Each car was virtually identical in the first season, but this year the teams were allowed to tinker with the parts that interact with the battery. What's fascinating about Formula E now is that the teams are not only competing head to head during the races, but behind the scenes as well, where they're spending the entire second season learning how to get the most out of their cars without pushing them too hard.

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