Villeneuve calls Hamilton a ‘spoiled child’

I am the greatest
I am the greatest

Lewis Hamilton has been acting like a insolent twit.

Pretty much everyone is thinking it, but former Formula One champion Jacque Villeneuve is vocalizing it.

Since clinching this year's F1 championship in Austin in October (with three races left in the season), Hamilton has displayed some pretty arrogant and selfish behavior.

From slamming fellow drivers to skipping the British Racing Drivers Club Awards banquet (to watch a Toronto Raptors NBA game in Canada), Hamilton has not carried himself in the way at least one former champion thinks he should.

"Lewis reacted really badly and revealed a very negative side of his character," 1997 World Champion Villeneuve told F1 Today. "He showed that he cannot be humble. He has won three world championships but he could not be happy, behaving like a spoiled child who lost his toy. He has not behaved like a great champion." Mike Larson/AutoWeek

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