USGP: Practice 2 a washout as 200 MPH hurricane makes landfall

COTA is going to be very wet for the next 36 hours or more

The predicted heavy rains have hit the Circuit of Americas in Austin as the 2nd practice is a washout. The track is undriveable. No drivers have turned laps and we doubt any will before the session is over. Tomorrow is not going to be much better as the weather being spun off by Hurricane Patricia – the most powerful tropical cyclone ever measured in the Western Hemisphere with sustained winds of 200 mph (320 kph) – reaches into Mexico and Texas.

The hurricane is forecast to make landfall in the Mexican state of Jalisco Friday evening as a catastrophic Category 5 hurricane capable of causing widespread destruction. Residents and authorities in Mexico are rushing to prepare for what will likely be the strongest hurricane to ever make landfall on that country's Pacific coastline.

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