Statement by Dan Gurney on the passing of Denise McCluggage at 88

Denise McCluggage (AutoWeek) was a true original, the way she wrote, the way she talked, the way she behaved and the way she lived her life, nothing was ordinary.

We have been friends ever since she and her great friend Phil Hill picked me up at the airport in Paris in 1958 to drive south to Le Mans together where we all were scheduled to race. Denise was a pioneering racing lady who was not intimidated by famous men on the track, be it the Nurburgring, Sebring, Riverside or the Targa Florio.

She amused generations with her witty observations which she shared in her writings over many decades. I see her in my mind's eye laughing with old pals, Briggs, Phil, Shelby and Stirling. We were young together, we grew old together, I will miss you Denise!

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