Button says teammate used to do it in his pants

Button says Villeneuve used to urinate in his driving suit

Ahh, it's always the same, isn't it? You're a highly-respected Grand Prix driver, a former world champion, and after more than a decade and a half you're still on the grid and fighting it out with the world's best.

The, on the eve of your 16th season in motorsport's premier series, you give an in-depth, wide-ranging interview to a highly-respected magazine covering the state of play in your sport, the car industry, teammate rivalries, and who will win the world championship.

Then, right at the end, you get asked a question that the journalist's daughter begged her dad to pose.

The driver, of course, is Jenson Button – and the question was "what do you do when you need the toilet during a race?"

"That's a good question. There's the easy answer…" Button said to AutoExpress's editor Steve Fowler.

"You just go?" Fowler confirmed, leading Button to continue.

"For some reason drivers always used to do that – a couple of my teammates were famous for weeing in the car."

At this point full credit goes to Fowler for resisting the urge to go "Yeurgh!" and instead asking which ones.

"I can't remember," said Button, clearly trying to backtrack slightly, before thinking what the hell…

"I think he was Canadian!"

A careful examination of the record books shows that Button has only ever had one Canadian teammate – former Williams star (and another former world champion) Jacques Villeneuve.

Button then added that no current driver would ever do such a thing…

"Now, no, we can hold it in – we're well practiced."

Button isn't the first man to admit this – but as far as we can tell he's the first F1 driver to drop a teammate in it! Yahoo Eurosport

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