Sprint Cup Race Sponsor Folds Of Honor Sees Merch Website Crash After Green Flag Falls

S. Air National Guard Major Dan Rooney, whose non-profit organization Folds of Honor was co-title sponsor of yesterday's Sprint Cup Series race in Atlanta, said that shortly after the Fox broadcast began, the organization's merchandise website "crashed after receiving heavy traffic," according to Eric Bailey of the TULSA WORLD. The non-profit also "began getting pledges to help fund scholarships for family of killed or disabled military members actively serving."

Rooney said, "We get notifications of all donations and they are coming in every five seconds. They are pouring in from around the country. The reality is that we’ve planted a lot of seeds in NASCAR nation and I have no doubt that those are going to do anything but grow as we share the mission and the stories of those lives that we’re helping" TULSA WORLD.

Bailey prior to the race wrote the NASCAR fan base "is a perfect target for the Folds of Honor, which provides educational scholarships for families of killed or disabled military members while on active duty." Rooney: "Ultimately, it fits our demographic. Just the patriotic nature of NASCAR, the fanaticism and to get to create what I hope to be is the most patriotic race in NASCAR history" TULSA WORLD.

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