Antonio Felix Da Costa wins the Buenos Aires ePrix (Update 2)

UPDATE The order below reflects the finishing order for yesterday's Buenos Aires ePrix after Salvador Duran's exclusion from the race. We believe this will be the final finishing order:

1. Antonio Felix da Costa, Amlin Aguri, 48:52.100
2. Nicolas Prost, e.dams-Renault, +5.354s
3. Nelson Piquet Jr, China Racing, +8.552s
4. Jaime Alguersuari, Virgin Racing, +11.148s
5. Bruno Senna, Mahindra Racing, +11.535s
6. Jean-Eric Vergne, Andretti, +11.535s
7. Sam Bird, Virgin Racing, +13.617s
8. Nick Heidfeld, Venturi, +15.464s
9. Oriol Servia, Dragon Racing, +19.334s
10. Stephane Sarrazin, Venturi, +28.973s
11. Ho-Pin Tung, China Racing, +37.858s
12. Marco Andretti, Andretti,+1 lap
13. Daniel Abt, Audi Sport ABT, +2 laps
14. Jerome d’Ambrosio, Dragon Racing, +2 laps
15. Jarno Trulli, Trulli, DNF
16. Lucas di Grassi, Audi Sport ABT, DNF
17. Sebastien Buemi, e.dams-Renault, DNF
18. Michela Cerruti, Trulli, DNF
19. Karun Chandhok, Mahindra Racing, DNF

Salvador Duran, Amlin Aguri, Excluded

01/10/15 UPDATE After penalties, the final results were:

1. Antonio Felix Da Costa Amlin Aguri 35 Laps
2. Nico Prost E.Dams +5.3
3. Nelson Piquet China Racing +8.5
4. Jamie Alguersuari Virgin Racing +11.1
5. Bruno Senna Mahindra Racing +11.5
6. Jean Eric Vergne Andretti Autosport +13.3
7. Sam Bird Virgin Racing +13.6
8. Salvador Duran Amlin Aguri +14.7
9. Nick Heidfeld Venturi +15.4
10. Oriol Servia Dragon Racing +19.3
11. Stephane Sarrazin Venturi +28.9
12.Ho Ping Tung China Racing +37.8
13. Marco Andretti Andretti Autosport Lapped
14. Daniel Abt Audi Sport ABT Lapped
15. Jerome D'Ambrosio Dragon Racing Lapped
16. Jarno Trulli Trulli GP Lapped
17. Lucas Di Grassi Audi Sport ABT DNF
18. Sebastian Buemi E.Dams DNF
19. Michela Cerruti Trulli GP DNF
20. Karun Chandhok Mahindra Racing DNF

Driver Standings
Lucas di Grassi – 58
Sam Bird – 48
Sebastien Buemi – 43
Nicolas Prost – 42
Nelson Piquet Jr – 37
Antonio Felix da Costa – 29
Jaime Alguersuari – 26
Jerome D’Ambrosio – 22
Franck Montagny – 18
Karun Chandhok – 18

Team Standings
e.dams-Renault – 85
Virgin Racing – 74
Audi Sport ABT – 62
Andretti – 41
China Racing – 37
Dragon Racing – 37
Mahindra Racing – 36
Amlin Aguri – 35
Trulli – 12
Venturi – 5

01/10/15 Antonio Felix Da Costa won the Buenos Aires eprix after a crazy last 13 laps of the race. There was a number of crashes at the end involving Vergne and Alguersuari in the fight for third place.

Heidfeld got a drive through penalty for speeding in the pit lane which took away another race victory form the German. Nico Prost managed to fight through all the dramas to finish in second

Nick Heidfeld had a great start and was able to overtake Alguersuari into the first corner but Sebastian Buemi was able to get away. Heidfeld used his fan boost early to try and catch up to the Swiss driver but the German driver could not find a way through.

Buemi controlled the race in the first stint and allowed Alguersuari and Lucas Di Grassi to catch back up him. This caused a small train to develop and Lucas Di Grassi was able to get round Alguersuari for third place.

Di Grassi then caught up Buemi and Heidfeld but both drivers could not find a way through Buemi. Di Grassi had to force the issue and pulled a textbook move on Nick Heidfeld to move up to second. Heidfeld then made a mistake in the turn 11 and 12 chicane which let Alguersuari and Sam Bird through.

Chandhok brought out the first safety car of the race after his left rear suspension failed after hitting the curbs on the exit of the last chicane. This changed the race as Buemi was held up by Michela Cerruti under safety conditions and allowed the pack to close up on him.

During the safety car period there was a huge confusion about who will pass the safety car, which cost the race a number of laps as divers wanted clarification of their positions before they passed.

Buemi had a great restart and left Lucas Di Grassi chasing and forcing the Brazilian to catch up the Swiss driver. A lap later there was disaster for Buemi as he hit the wall on the entry of turn 11 chicane which broke his suspension and all the hard work the E. Dams driver did just went out the window.

Di Grassi did the same thing as Chandhok as his suspension breaks after hitting the curbs which allowed Heidfeld to move up into the lead with Antonio Felix Da Costa in second.

It all kicked off at the end Vergne had to use contact to get passed Alguersuari and then Nick Heidfeld was given a drive through penalty for speeding in the pits which promoted Antonio Felix Da Costa to first place.

Then Daniel Abt hit Alguersuari which caused the German driver to retire from the race and then more contact from Alguersuari on the final lap which promoted Nelson Piquet to third.


Driver Team Fastest Lap
1. Sebastian Buemi Audi Sport ABT 1:09:475
2. Lucas Di Grassi Mahindra Racing 1:09:831
3. Daniel Abt E.Dams 1:10:575
4. Karun Chandhok China Racing 1:10:917
5. Nico Prost Virgin Racing 1:11:605
6. Nelson Piquet Jr Dragon Racing 1:11:952
7. Jamie Alguersuari Amlin Aguri 1:12:154
8. Jerome d' Ambrosio Venturi 1:12:306
9. Antonio Felix Da Costa Andretti Autosport 1:12:360
10. Nick Heidfeld Virgin Racing 1:12:464
11. Jean Eric Vergne Mahindra Racing 1:12:598
12. Sam Bird Venturi 1:12:663
13. Bruno Senna Trulli GP 1:12:751
14. Stephane Sarrazin Amlin Aguri 1:12:832
15. Jarno Trulli China Racing 1:12:839
16. Salvador Duran Dragon Racing 1:13:115
17. Ho Ping Tung Andretti Autosport 1:13:677
18. Oriol Servia Trulli GP 1:13:881
19. Marco Andretti Andretti Autosport 1:14:071
20. Michela Cerruti 1:14:161

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